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Beauty lounges

In our beauty lounges your visit will be a pampering experience. Enjoy special treatments adapted to the individual needs of your skin and discover the renowned care products and innovations of international brands.

Choose your favourite treatment from the following brands of skin care products and arrange your personal appointment with us by telephone. We will also be happy to advise you on site. We look forward to your visit!



Bareminerals offers you mineral cosmetics with natural ingedients for more than 35 years. Our Beauty Lounge offery you a treatment of 45 minutes including a mask, sera and daily make-up.

T +49 160 629 02 77


Chanel offers you a facial of 60 minutes including their luxury skincare products. In addition to that you’ll receive a make-up for the day.

T +49 89 23 88 64 43

14 November 2019


Discover professional facials of 45 minutes with the skincare of french brand Clarins. Enjoy your individual make-up after the treatment.

T +49 162 299 52 00

15 – 16 November 2019


The skin care experts at the Californian body care company have developed a so-called »face mapping«, a patented skin analysis, which forms the basis of every treatment. 60-minute facial treatments are individually tailored to your skin type with special product recommendations to achieve your skin goals.

T +49 89 024 20 79 67 or T +49 89 29 02 40 66

18 November 2019
27 – 28 November 2019
10 December 2019
13 December 2019
18 – 20 December 2019


Let your skin be pampered by the cosmetics experts of the US-American brand. Enjoy a 45-minute »Energy Relax Facial« with the moisturizing »Revitalizing Supreme Creme» or the »Re-Nutriv Energy Relax Facial« with the repairing intensive care line »Re-Nutriv«. Both creams are anti-aging products and are used in Shiatsu facial treatments.

T +49 89 29 02 44 66


Experience the unique and efficient skin care products of the New York cosmetics brand during your 40-minute individual facial treatment.

T +49 89 021 66 77 77


The particularly well-tolerated skin care products with sea silt extract are developed and manufactured by the North German company in its own laboratories. The treatment we offer with products from La Mer is called »Luxury Spa«. The approximately 60-minute skin treatment includes peelings and masks for face, arms and hands.

T +49 89 21 02 59 10

21–22 November 2019


Enjoy a 60-minute individual facial treatment including facial and hand massage with the care and cosmetic products of the French manufacturer. The treatment with mask is individually adapted to your skin type. In addition, you can have a day make-up applied after the facial.

T +49 89 2902 4866

29 – 30 November 2019
2 – 3 December 2019


In its products, Sensai combines advanced skin care technology with the ingredients of natural Koishimaru silk. During a 60-minute facial treatment, you will receive a mask as well as a hand and arm massage. The anti-aging products used moisturise with relaxing oriental aromas.

T +49 89 21 02 78 84

19 – 20 November 2019
11 – 12 December 2019


Shiseido has been developing skin care products, make-up and fragrances since 1872. Experience a 60-minute facial treatment with products from the Japanese cosmetics manufacturer, which has won numerous international awards in the fields of science and cosmetics. While you’re at it, discover skin care products for every skin need, at every age, designed with powerful active ingredients that work in synergy with your skin.

T +49 89 29 02 41 86 or T +49 89 29 02 40 66

26 November 2019
4 – 6 December 2019


The French brand develops highly effective skin care, make-up and perfumes based on plant extracts and essential oils. The 60-minute »Botanic Treatment« is based on a prior, individual skin analysis based on which individual care products are selected for your skin type. A make-up is included at the end of your appointment.

T +49 89 23 26 96 55


After arrangement we are completely available for you and your desires.


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