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Scented candles are popular accessories, especially on long winter nights. The reasons for this can be explained by perceptual psychology.


Santal 26: €63.00, LE LABO — Milk Rose: €21.95, VOLUSPA — Nero Donna: €59.00, ACQUA DI BAVIERA — 24 Old Bond Street: €60.00, ATKINSONS — Women, €265.00, BAOBAB COLLECTION — Eclectic (set of three), €102.00, TOM DIXON — Carrousel: €55.00, BYREDO — Silver Mountain Water: €78.00, CREED — Upper Fifth: €60.00, RALPH LAUREN — White Forest: €39.50, BJÖRK & BERRIES — Herbe Coupe: €120.00, LINDA FARROW — Les Tamaris: €95.00, MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN — Santal: €50.00, DIPTYQUE — Materialism Stone (set of six): €180.00, TOM DIXON — Blond Tabac: €49.95, VOLUSPA — Tobacco Vanille: €90.00, TOM FORD

Scents influence our mood more than we think. They help our subconscious store experiences and emotions. If we encounter a particular scent years later, our memories come back to life. Scented candles can be used to evoke positive feelings. Whether new creations, designer fragrances or classic scents, they are part and parcel of modern-day interior design and allow us to unlock new sensory experiences.

But that’s not all. They have a beneficial effect on our bodies; sandalwood, for example, is thought to boost the regeneration of skin cells. They also help to keep the mind active and give the brain a workout. If you consciously discern several fragrances on a daily basis, you are not only enhancing your well-being, but also training your mind. Another benefit of scented candles is that they add stylish design touches, making them the perfect accessory for the winter months.