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Shine bright.
Engagement ring with a modern cut

Truman Capote paid tribute to Tiffany in a world-famous novel. In the film version, Audrey Hepburn glided down Fifth Avenue to indulge in a croissant before its radiant diamonds.

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ cemented the reputation that this prestigious American jeweller’s pieces had as being the very finest of all gifts one could ever receive. Suitably, Charles Lewis Tiffany also created the very finest of all rings one could ever receive: the engagement ring as we know it. This year, Tiffany is presenting a new design.

The ‘Tiffany True’ engagement ring is modern and minimalist, with geometric lines meeting an innovative, angular cut of the diamond. The band has a particularly decorative shape, letting the ring sit very low on the wearer’s finger. Tiffany has very discreetly branded the side with a ‘T’, a subtle detail for the wearer’s eyes only. ‘Tiffany True’ is available with a white diamond set in platinum or a gold diamond in 18-carat gold.