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Konstantin Grcic designs for Boss

When Konstantin Grcic travels, he wears jackets with lots of pockets. There is always something to stow away and nobody wants to waste time rummaging in bags for passports and notebooks. Grcic is one of Germany’s best-known industrial designers. His chairs and lamps are in the Museum of Modern Art and in well-furnished residences worldwide. His new collection for Boss is based on the theme of travel. The pieces are practical without looking practical. The jacket and coat have a classic yet modern cut, but the lining offers generous hidden pocket space. “A good jacket,” says Grcic, “is like a well-designed chair.” It should be beautiful, made to fit and well thought out. The T-shirts feature Grcic’s sketches of famous cities – the skyline of New York, Milan’s Gothic architecture and the Festival of Lights in Shanghai. Grcic has a special connection with Milan and travels there often. “I like how beautifully the people there dress. For me, Milan is the most elegant city in Europe.”