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Eight perfume and skincare lines that each lighten up the mood:
welcome to the Cowshed spa.

Aroma and relaxation – two words that aren’t typically associated with cow stalls. However, this changes as soon as you become acquainted Cowshed’s natural cosmetics. They’ve been given their name for good reason, representing the realisation of an idea born in 1998 in Somerset, England, to offer treatments using specially developed skincare products made of organic ingredients, wild plant extracts and essential oils. A cohesive spa concept was born. More Cowsheds opened in Soho Houses in locations such as London and Miami.

This wellness offering also developed into an award-winning brand that could be enjoyed at home. Eight lines of scented candles and skincare and haircare products all make reference to the cow, and indeed a cow who bears many traits similar to real people – being, as it is, occasionally worn out or in a bad mood. ‘Knackered Cow’, for instance, is something for anyone feeling weary. The lavender contained in the formula has a calming effect on strained minds, while eucalyptus awakens vital spirits. There’s also ‘Grumpy Cow’, intended for the grouchier amongst us. Its scent of mandarin and grapefruit will drive out the anger of the lucky user.

The other, ambience-setting lines also make use of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, camomile and cranberry. Parabens, sulphates, mineral oil products and artificial fragrances do not feature in the ingredients. As a brand with a special relationship to the cow, it of course does not experiment on animals.