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Straight from the glacier

There is a stream that flows by the foot of the Arolla Glacier, and this stream has special properties. Its freshwater possesses a large number of minerals and is exceptionally soft. Swiss cosmetics company Valmont puts it to use and has been combining Alpine resources with modern technology for over 30 years now. The company’s research begins at the core of the skin cell, where the experts extract intact macromolecules that regenerate the skin. The new ‘Purity’ cleansing skincare series is additionally enriched with Arolla water to support the skin’s physiological balance.

onsisting of nine products, each one is tailored to a specific skin and make-up type. The fine textures are just as diverse as a result. Featuring gel, cream, foam, lotion and milk, even the toughest of make-up is certain to be removed. At the same time, the line counteracts harmful substances that leave your complexion dull. All ‘Purity’ products cleanse gently and effectively and help turn your evening make-up removal into a skincare ritual.