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VIP Service

Oberpollinger, the premium department store, gives you a top-class shopping experience spread over 33,000 m2: a Luxury Boulevard that is home to Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, Dior, Fendi, Burberry, Tod’s and Salvatore Ferragamo, world renowned fashion labels over three floors, a VIP Service, a Beauty Department complete with treatment areas and a champagne bar, a Home & Living floor, toys and children‘s fashions, culinary delights in the restaurant; in short, everything that sophisticated, lifestyle-oriented customers are looking for.

And because time is precious these days, we give you a little of this particular luxury too. Our VIP Service specialists will make your shopping trip to our store into a really unique and wonderful experience. We cater specifically to your personal preferences and wishes, showing you gift ideas, sharing the latest news about our store, and letting you know about limited edition products.

We can also organise a chauffeur and delivery service, personal shopping appointments and much, much more:  just ask!

Our exclusive VIP Service, based on the ground floor, will cater to your every need. You can simply relax and experience the ultimate in service. These are just some of the things we would be delighted to organise on your behalf:

- Personal shopping/styling
- Home & hotel delivery service
- Medical services
- Chauffeur and limousine service
- Ticket service (at an extra charge)
- Taxi service to home, hotel or airport
- Dogsitter service*
- Flower service
- Babysitter service*
- Restaurant & hotel bookings, reservations and recommendations

* You must register for these services

"Just in time" Shopping Service

We would be delighted to provide you with a Fashion Stylist who will accompany you through the store, offering support and expert advice. Give us advance notice and we will ensure that your stylist can speak your language.

You will not have to put up with long queues at the cash desk any more, as we will make sure that the payment process is as quick and painless as possible. Of course, we can also deliver your purchases to your home or hotel, should you so wish.

Personal Shopping Service

One call is all it takes for your Personal Shopper to spring into action. The next time you visit Oberpollinger a specially selected range of fashions will await you, perfectly tailored to your particular tastes, size and preferred brands. You can then try everything on at a time arranged to suit you, whilst enjoying a drink in our exclusive, private changing area.

To enable us to always recommend the most appropriate products and services, with your permission we will collect information about your style, your personality, your ideas and wishes, and about the brands and products that you prefer.

Service Center

Customer Services

If ever you have a problem with a purchase at Oberpollinger, we will find a quick, simple solution that will be to your total satisfaction. Just visit our Service Center on the 4th Floor and we will be happy to discuss any queries or comments you have.

Our top priority is to ensure we satisfy your needs and improve your shopping experience. Tel. +49 (0)89 29 02 32 35

Luggage Storage

You can leave your shopping in the Service Center on the 4th Floor free of charge.

Personal Shopping

Do you need your shopping specially packaged at Oberpollinger or would you like to be accompanied by a professional sales advisor during your visit? Set up a personal appointment with our store and enjoy an exclusive shopping tour - individually tailored to your requirements or those of your business.

Appointments can be made in the Concierge Service (GF) Tel +49 89 2902 5120

Wrap and Packing Services

Our expertise is to make even the smallest gift stand out. Arrive with personalised packaging for your gift and our team will be delighted to help you.

The packing/gift-wrapping service is in the Service Center on the 4th Floor. Tel. +49 89 2902 3235

Gift Cards

Still haven't found that perfect gift? You can get hold of a gift card at our concierge-service on the ground floor, at the service centre on the fourth floor, or at any of the checkouts. This card is dispatched nationwide at the request of OBERPOLLINGER, and can be redeemed in all Karstadt stores. Order your shopping card from or pick one up on your next visit to OBERPOLLINGER. We look forward to seeing you.





Our in-house tailors can change your clothing items and bring them to perfection, regardless of whether these were purchased in Oberpollinger or in other stores. If you have an alteration request, simply tell one of the staff in the clothes department; they will be happy to assist you and organise everything for you.


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Financial Services

For purchased goods which are being exported to countries outside the EEC, a printed tax free certificate at every check-out on every floor can be delivered in order to receive a large proportion of your VAT repaid.  VAT payments on goods that have already been exported can be repaid against presentation of the receipt and the export certificate.

Tax free certificates can be printed on every floor. The payment service is located on the 4th floor in the service centre.

Global Blue - Tax Refund Services Telephone: +49 (0)89 2902 3255

For further information please visit: