Terms & Conditions


Completion of Contract

Your contractual partner for all orders placed is The KaDeWe Group GmbH, Theodor-Althoff-Str. 2, 45133 Essen. Your order is binding once you have clicked 'place your order' button. The acceptance of your order will be successful through the delivery of the goods. We are not contract partners for sales contracts that are placed via other companies' websites where we have simply given access to a link. For these orders, the conditions of the provider apply.

Dispatch/ Carriage / Delivery Time / Delivery Address

Your order will, where possible, be sent as one dispatch. This is not the case if your order includes products that are packed separately or have to be sent by a different method or can only be delivered at a later date. There are no disadvantages to you as the additional costs for postage and packaging will be covered by The KaDeWe Group GmbH. The usual delivery time for products in stock is approximately 2-5 working days, as quickly as possible in every case. If we have requested a deposit or payment in advance, it is possible that delivery dates might move. We only send goods to addresses within Germany. Please ensure that the invoice address is also in Germany. If an item cannot be delivered, this will appear on the invoice or you will be informed in writing. 

VAT / Reservation of Ownership

All prices include the statutory VAT. Goods remain the property of The KaDeWe Group GmbH until complete payment has been made. 

Information regarding Returns

The following return entitlements do not apply if the goods ordered are to be used for your own business requirements. 

Retraction Rights

You can return products free of charge, without stating a reason, and at our risk if the item ordered does not correspond to your wishes within the first two weeks. The two-week period begins immediately on receipt of the goods and this information. To safeguard this entitlement, you just need to ensure that you return the goods within the time. 

Fax: +49 180-5-446610 (14 cent/minute using T-Com landline. Prices vary for other mobile networks).

Tel: +49 180-5-14414 (14 cent/minute using T-Com landline. Prices vary for other mobile networks).

For returns that cannot be sent by package post, we will arrange for the goods to be collected from you free of charge. We will be liable during the return carriage of the item. 

Exceptions for return rights are:

- Individually finished items (e.g. engraved products)
- Sealed audio and video recordings, particularly CDs, DVDs, videos, games and computer software, if packaging has been removed.

Repercussion of Retraction

In the case of a return, the benefits received on both sides are revoked and usability (e.g. use and enjoyment) revoked. Replacement for the value can be requested if the item has deteriorated or cannot be partly or completely returned. This is not the case if the deterioration of the items was exclusively revealed on purchase - how they possibly would have appeared to you in the store. Furthermore you can avoid being liable for the cost if you have not used the items as the owner and refrained from doing anything that would affect the value. 

Information on Data Protection and Security

Your details will be exclusively used and processed within the framework of current data protection laws. See 'Security' section for details on 'Data Protection' and 'Security'. 

Travel & Events

Travel, booked via this portal, is arranged by ThomasCook AG. Click here for the terms and conditions.

Wine & Spirit Features

Price: Our prices are for 0.75 litre bottles unless another size is indicated. 


If a certain vintage is sold out, we send you the next vintage provided that the type and price are of the same value.

Features of the Happy Digits Premium Shop 

Goods, bought using Happy Digit Points, cannot be exchanged - except in statutory cases. 


We take your confidentiality very seriously and use the latest top technology.

You can rest assured that personal information entrusted to The KaDeWe Group GmbH will not fall into the hands of unauthorised individuals. The key to this security is the technologically advanced system called 'SSL Data Encoding'.

SSL Data Encoding

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is an encoding procedure that has been successfully applied for the whole World Wide Web. All personal details such as your address or credit card are encoded and are secure when transmitted via the Internet. You can recognise that you are in a secure area by the symbol (a closed padlock) below the toolbar of your browser.
If your PC cannot use SSL - which happens only in rare cases - you do not need to worry that your personal details will be sent without encoding. Usually you would receive an error page, which draws your attention to the problem. If this is the case for you, then the best thing for you to do is to contact your Internet Service Provider

Your Questions

Will my personal details be saved?

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers - and with that your happiness. To carry out all your requests in accordance with your wishes, we have to save certain personal details. This is in particular your address or for particular payment methods, other details. As part of your order, other information (item, amount, price, etc) will be assigned to your address. 

Furthermore, we receive certain information from your web browser as soon as you call up karstadt.de. We use, for example - as with many other websites -'cookies' to display the products you last looked at or product recommendations but also to constantly improve our service. 

Will my personal details be passed to a third party?

We access personal data when processing orders and forward the relevant details, if necessary, to service providers. To check credit worthiness and financial standing, we call up financial standing details, based on mathematical and statistical processes supplied by companies such as Informa GmbH, Preiburger Str. 7, 75179 Pforzheim, Producta Daten-Service GmbH, Adam-Opel-Str. 18, 60386 Frankfurt and SCHUFA, 65201 Wiesbaden. SCHUFA stores the opening of mail-order selling accounts and lets us know, if necessary, the current status of accounts. 

Furthermore, we provide address and negative data to our mail-order companies and the data information company Producta, which makes available creditworthiness and financial standing details, based on mathematical and statistical processes, where our companies and third parties have rightful interest. We use lists of addresses and pass them on, if necessary, for marketing purposes for our companies and partner companies.Of course you can refuse to have your personal details passed on for advertising purposes at any time. Please contact your data protection representative at Karstadt Premium GmbH if you do not wish to receive any further publicity from us or for any queries you have.

How will my personal details be protected?

We save the personal details and use them to process the agreed contract and for further customer care. The data will be, if necessary, made available to other companies so that they can send you interesting offers. 

We install SSL, which is currently one of the most secure encoding procedures, to protect your personal details from unauthorized access during transfer via the internet. 

Do I have a revocation right for use of my personal details? 

According to BDSG (German Data Protection Law), as the person affected, you have a right of revocation for the use or transfer of your personal details for advertising purposes (blocking mark). In addition, the law stipulates that under certain conditions it is possible to make corrections, or block and delete your personal information, stored on our system.

Is data protection guaranteed in law?

In accordance with German Data Protection Law (BDSG), the processing and use of personal details are permissible if the BDSG or other legislation agrees to it or if the person affected has given their consent for this to happen.
BDSG always permits data use and processing if this is carried out in the context of a contractual relationship or similar relationship, or in as much as this is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the organisation or third party, for example a recipient, and further that there is no reason to assume the individual has a predominant interest worthy of protection in being exempted from data processing or usage, or that he has such an interest worthy of protection.

What do I do if I still have questions about data protection? 

If you have further question or wish to comment, please contact the data protection representative at The KaDeWe Group GmbH: Theodor-Althoff-Str. 2, 45133 Essen;